Delicious Company with Samin Nosrat

12/7/18 - Our queen of cookbooks, Netflix, and writing is here! Samin Nosrat is the author of Salt Fat Acid Heat, and brings her infectious personality and obvious pleasure in eating to the TV show of the same name. We discuss her time at Chez Panisse, how male chefs take credit for their grandmothers centuries of unpaid kitchen labor, and amazing food writers of color to follow. Plus, you can learn to cook delicious things if you want to! Samin's pro-tips: don't judge yourself by Instagram and focus on mastering a couple of dishes. (As you may have guessed, figuring out your salt, fat, acid, and heat is pretty important to making something delicious.) 


Our theme song is Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn. 

Original music composed and performed by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs.


Salt Fat Acid Heat (the book) is a wonderful guide to learning how to cook or developing additional mastery.

Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix.

Samin recommends:

Priya Krishna in Bon Appetit
Tejal Rao at the New York Times
Nik Sharma’s book Season
A Hungry Society podcast


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