Self-Care PSA

Published September 19, 2016.

Ann: Welcome to Call Your Girlfriend.

Aminatou: A podcast for long-distances besties everywhere.

Ann: I'm Ann Friedman.

Aminatou: And I'm Aminatou Sow, and we're not home this week.

Ann: We are out of office, out of studio, out of closet. [Laughs]

Aminatou: We are probably sitting in the pool in Palm Springs, Ann, Gina, and I, and we're taking the week off and we're very excited about it.

Ann: We just had a very successful live show at The Ace in L.A. last night, and you know what? I feel like this is also just a self-care PSA that after you do something big, take some time off.

Aminatou: While we're away there are so many other great podcasts that you can listen to. I'm going to name two that I like, and Ann I think you should also recommend two.

Ann: Yes.

Aminatou: You should listen to Who Weekly and to The Heart.

Ann: You should also listen to Sooo Many White Guys which is new and delightful, so you can get through the back catalog instantly, and also Unscrewed with Jacklyn Friedman for some feminist sex body chat while we are away.

Aminatou: And if you want to catch up on any but all of our episodes you can listen to our archive on We miss you and we'll be back next week.

Ann: See you on the Internet.

Aminatou: See you in the pool.

Ann: See you in the pool. [Laughs]