Looks Like We Made It

5/17/19 - We reflect on how making Call Your Girlfriend has changed our friendship, and revisit some of the cringeworthy, hilarious, depressing, and proud moments we've had in five years of making this show.



Our theme song is Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn. 

Logos by Kenesha Sneed.

Original music composed and performed by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs.


Abortion is Our Right with Renee Bracey Sherman and Judith Arcana (and loads of reproductive rights and justice resources)

State-by-state abortion care and funds via Steph Herold

The CYG way-back machine


Episode 15: Origin Story


Episode 37: Thanksgiving Warriors

Episode 34: Sexy Bellybutton Feeling


Episode 57: Make America Smell Great Again [shoutout to Karen Pence’s towel charm business, whose former domain, towelcharm.com is now available]

Episode 56: Don’t Shoot: our first reported episode on gun violence, featuring voices of listeners who own guns and now Congresswoman Lucy McBath

Episode 68: Rage Phase: recorded Wednesday November 10, 2016 and released early that Thursday morning, this is our immediate post-election breakdown of the epic presidential loss, proportional Congressional gains and work we knew was ahead.


Episode 111: Hillary. Aminatou’s IRL interview with HRC.

Episode 118: Feminist Dystopia: We ask Margaret Atwood whether today’s political climate counts.

Episode 117: Pantsuits to Lawsuits: Ellen Pao on how she wanted to believe in tech meritocracy, even when confronted with 1950s style sexual harassment and a grueling trial.

Episode 109: Pelvic Power: taking our sexual and reproductive health into the hands of certified nurse midwives and other feminist practitioners.


A Taxonomy of Scammers: The grift is on in the summer of scam.

Bi Bi Bi: Gina’s episode on the letter B in the LGBTQ rainbow.

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