Episode 120: I-U-Didn't!

11/24/17 - When the beat drops (an IUD out of your body). The attack on health care, education and reproductive freedom bill known as tax reform. Love for journalists Rebecca Traister, Laura McGann and women speaking up against powerful men. Plus, why this #metoo moment can be about so much more than who gets punished, financially. And, Shine Theory at the NYC marathon.

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Our theme song is Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn. 

Original music composed and performed by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs.


Tax bill / Hidden "personhood" agenda

Rebecca Traister on post-Weinstein reckoning / on On the Media / on Bill Maher

Accusations against Glenn Thrush

Lena Dunham bullshit / Al Franken staffers defend him

Shine Theory and Shalane Flanagan

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