7/15/16 - In a special episode, we reflect on America’s gun violence epidemic, speak with CYG listeners who own guns, hear from advocates working to reform gun laws, and from Lucia McBath, whose teenage son Jordan Davis was shot and killed by a white stranger in 2012. Plus, what you can do to make your voice heard.


Guns don’t make women safer
How the gun lobby markets self-defense
The racist history of gun control in America
New push to arm LGBT community
Courts standing in the way of gun reform and redefining the 2nd amendment
Congress stands up for, and then walks out on gun reform
One nation, under guns
Without 2nd amendment concerns for black men
1,000 deaths by cops
Watch: 3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets
Ta-Nehisi Coates takes his son to meet Jordan Davis’s mom, Lucia McBath


Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
TransFX - Waiting / Wanting
We Is Shore Dedicated - Things Fall Apart
Mike B. Fort - The Summer is Gone

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