Episode 94: Wear Sunscreen

5/26/17 - Come see us live in Philly. Listen to Amina's new podcast, On She Goes. Ruth Ann Harnisch and many more goosebump inducing, wise women are our sheroes. A hot Keanu update. Get your SPF ready for summer. Plus, Cheeto Watch: Ivanka isn't doing much to improve the lives of women in Saudi Arabia and while we respect Melania's hand-swatting, her divorce in the making is costing taxpayers some $$$$.

Click here for transcript.


Our theme song is Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn. 

Original music composed and performed by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs.


Tickets to our Philly show are on sale!
On She Goes: Travel podcast hosted by Amina
Aspirational older ladies + Ruth Ann Harnisch on CYG
Buying sunscreen // SPF expertise
Cheeto Watch: Scammers abroad with The Pope and BARF

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