Episode 89: The Indignities of Being A Woman

4/21/17 - Amina's newfound love of Broadway and Ann's woeful experience of being bodyshamed at the gyno. Politics around the world: there's an election coming up in the UK, Justin Trudeau is a climate scammer and Trump's executive order on the EPA is open for public comment. Diversity and inclusion within the organizing ranks of the march for science. Plus, Barack Obama, former-POTUS, present Instagram Husband. And Tavi Gevinson returns to tell us about Rookie's new podcast in collaboration with MTV.

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Our theme song is Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn. 

Original music composed and performed by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs.


Trudeau is a climate scammer
EPA executive order is open for comments
Diversity and inclusivity in science march organizing
3-14 Action
Obama is an instagram husband
Tavi Gevinson: making the internet more human at Rookie and the Rookie podcast

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