Episode 76: New Country, Who Dis?

1/20/17 - It's Ivanka's dad's inauguration day. We discuss the latest Trump family grift, this time from Tiffany Trump and mom Marla Maples, shady inaugural balls, and the relatively celebrity-free festivities. In heavier news, abortion restrictions in Texas have led to the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world, and more anti-choice policies could be coming soon. In celebrityland, Kim is back on social media, Amina can't be emotionally implicated by Kanye right now, but Selena Gomez and the Weeknd's dumpster-side makeout was paparazzi gold. Plus, a fond farewell to the American Apparel pieces that shepherded us through our early 20s.

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Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
Beethoven's 3rd Symphony "Eroica" - 2nd Movement (funeral march)
Breakmaster Cylinder - Key Cards
Nihilore - Absolute Terror
Pierlo - Barbarian
Shana Falana - Cool Kids


Hairstyling for exposure
Maternal mortality is going up in Texas and abortion rights are under attack everywhere
Celebrity showmances:
Selena+The Weeknd, Drake+JLo
Selena’s AMAs speech
Boycott resources: Boycott Trump app, Sleeping Giants, when not to boycott, it gets confusing so fast!
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