Episode 74: Pump up 2017

1/6/17 - Happy New Year! We're back and squaring our shoulders for 2017: talking money goals and taking our cues from Oprah and her boo Stedman. Plus, we turn to some brilliant women we know for inspiration. Sex coach Myisha Battle reminds us to take time for pleasure this year. Plus, making creative work, getting politically engaged and staying accountable with arts consultant Beth Pickens.

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Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
Anti-Pop Consortium - Reflections Synth
The Womb - PTSD
Nihilore - Absolute Terror
Shana Falana - Cool Kids


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Whether you're the Oprah or Gayle of your friendship, Stedman's tweets are just the best
Learn more about sex coach Myisha Battle
Say hey to Beth Pickens through her contact page to get her free pamphlet, Making Art During Fascism. And check out her KCHUNG radio show of the same name. 

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