Episode 66: Big League Overladies

10/28/16 - Boycotting Ivanka's businesses. Is it Bigly or Big League? A letter to Trump-loving relatives. This week in menstruation, ancient Romans soaked tampons in opium and a contemporary British teen really doesn't understand how periods work (we don't pee blood, dude). How Amina got Wiki-leaked. And answers to listener questions about hiring women and the friendzone fallacy.

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Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
Chris Zabriskie - Readers, Do You Read?
Breakmaster Cylinder - Key Cards
Anti-Pop Constortium - Reflections Synth
Pierlo - Barbarian


Boycotting Ivanka’s business
Big league
A letter to Trump-loving relatives
Black Jeopardy
Opium-soaked tampons
Teen “meninist” misunderstands tampons
A good reply to being wiki-leaked

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