Episode 63: Everything we disdain

9/16/16 - Illnesses real and imagined, Congress linked Zika to Planned Parenthood and is funding neither, Bakeoff's bad move, Ivanka's dad's faux-empowerment tour. On a happier note, Shine Theory at the White House and among female bonobos.

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Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
OpVious - Changes
Breakmaster Cylinder - Key Cards
Anti-Pop Consortium - Reflections Sync
Plurabelle - Lips


Go to Ten Thousand Waves Spa
Washington Post nails Trump Foundation
Pregnant and caught in the Zika testing backlog
Congress stalled on Zika funding
Bad job Bakeoff
Ivanka can't tell Emma Watson and Hillel the Elder apart
Shine Theory at the White House
Feisty female bonobos

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