Episode 61: Rumors and Creeps

9/2/16 - From our self-care retreat in Palm Springs, we chat IRL about Hillary conspiracy theories and invent some of our own about Ivanka's dad. Debating which heads of state and aging celebrities we'd kick out of bed. Creep news, from Johnny Depp to Nate Parker to lady villain Arianna Huffington. And a billion dollar period idea. 

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Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend
Breakmaster Cylinder - Key Cards
Bouquet Music ft. Call Your Girlfriend - Creep
Ryan Little - wonderstruck


Hillary conspiracies
Ivanka's dad received a middle class tax credit
His questionable charitable giving
And Celebrity Apprentice guests who did not receive personal donations from Trump
Amber Heard takes a stand
Nate Parker doesn't have a good enough answer

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