Episode 42: Twitter Ninja

2/5/16 - Podcasting in facemasks, we’ve got a news rapid fire, including the all-lady Congress during DC’s snowstorm. This week in menstruation, would you try a marijuana suppository to cure cramps? Amina as internet investigator with deep background on Kanye’s Twitter rant. And hate the caucuses but not Iowans. 

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Robyn -Call Your Girlfriend
Lee Rosevere - Summers Playing Pinball
Pipe Choir - Sunbeam 2
Drop It Coz It’s Rot: Dropping the Tampon Tax
Kanye West - Gorgeous
Wiz Khalifa - KK
Kanye West - Bound 2
Wiz Khalifa - KK
Troy Holder - Popppy Seed
Arce - Lamer (Dub remix)


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rapid-fire!! all lady congress during the blizzard planned parenthood justice! / barbie’s new bod / awesome non-boy, non-dog childrens books
this week in menstruation: cramp-killing weed lube / tampon tax
celeb love/hate octagon: kanye/amber/wiz khalifa/blac chyna/tyga/all the kardashians


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