Episode 116: Loophole women

10/27/17 - We need more women and people of color in the inspirational quote game. More on Weinstein's enablers. Loophole women and trashing. In posi news, middle school girls are doing great things: writing political plays performed by Hollywood stars and inventing new tests for lead in water. Amy Cuddy, power posing, and the danger of popularity in the academy.

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Our theme song is Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn. 

Original music composed and performed by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs.


Her Deepness Sylvia Earle
Loophole women and trashing
L.A. fifth grader writers “Small Hands, Orange Face
An 11-year-old girl in Flint invented a lead-detecting device
Amy Cuddy & drama over power-posing

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