Adult SEx Ed

7/12/19 - Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sex and still haven’t learned, even though you’re an adult now. Our expert panel includes Myisha Battle and Jaclyn Friedman. You’ve got sex questions, and they have answers! Kinda goes without saying, but you probably don't want to listen to this one with young kids around. 


Our theme song is Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn. 

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Feminist PORN

#1 - Pay for your porn!

Feminist Porn Awards - find porn and porn producers making ethical smut you can pay for

The Feminist Porn Book - get nerdy



Indie Porn Revolution

Anal sex + Masturbation

Tristan Taormino’s guide to anal sex for women - funny and grounded reviews of sex toys, entire category of anal toys - anal toys and anal guides - collection of anal sex guides, interviews, toy reviews, and porn, of course

Oh Joy Sex Toy - sex toy reviews and sex ed in comic form

The experts

Myisha Battle, Feminist sex and dating coach and host of Down for Whatever

Jaclyn Friedman, author, pleasure activist and host of Unscrewed

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