Abortion Is Our Right

3/15/19 - Abortion rights are under attack. And while many are scared, maybe for the first time, the push to control and criminalize women's health care is nothing new. For many Americans, access to abortion as promised after Roe v. Wade never really came. We discuss reproductive justice and ways to get involved in your community with activist Renee Bracey Sherman. And we learn how Chicago women took action to create safe, private ways to access abortion in the 1970s under the pseudonym JANE with one of the collective's members, Judith Arcana.  


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Don’t let Meghan McCain and Ben Sasse shape the narrative on abortion

The domestic gag rule

Stillbirths in immigration detention

People across the gender spectrum need abortion care

Shout Your Abortion

More on Renee Bracey Sherman, the National Network of Abortion Funds, and We Testify, where you can tell your abortion story

More on Judith Arcana’s work with JANE and books


Renee Bracey Sherman’s tips to get involved with the National Network of Abortion Funds and the movement for reproductive justice:

  • Join in this year’s Bowl-a-Thon

  • Find your local abortion fund

  • If there’s not a fund in your area, contact NNAF about creating one!

  • Tell your abortion story with We Testify

  • Contact your local abortion fund or clinic about volunteer training days

  • Offer support: money, answering hot lines, answering cold lines, practical support such as housing or transportation, clinic duties like escort or simple maintenance and cleanup. Follow the lead of clinic staff and volunteer coordinators on what is needed. Activism doesn’t always look like a protest.

Learn more about the history of abortion (and anti-abortion) policy:

Some bad-news abortion restrictions:

Some good-news actions in support of abortion rights:

Further reading:

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